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Business Consulting

Illán & Blanes Consultores S.L.

Specialists in problem solving based on own experiences


We provide solutions to the necessities, visible or invisible, of our clients.
We have more than 60 years of combined experience in the consumer sector.
We only provide solutions in issues in which we have demonstrated that have guaranteed success.
Due to our experience we can help our clients save costly errors.
  • “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”
    Robert F. Kennedy


1. Management Consulting
- Feasibility and Expansion of the Company.
- Consultancy in Board of Directors.
- Independent External Directors.
- Business Model Definition.
- Franchises.
- Organization, ownership.
3. Purchases
- Relationships with suppliers.
- Sustainable bargaining models.
- Knowing the processes and how to save costs.
- Assortment definition.
- Pricing policies.
- Development of the own brand.
5. Distribution and Management of the Stores
- Store’s lay-out.
- Sales Management.
- Shaping the customer.
- Fresh products and consumer goods displays.
- Productivity and management of working schedules and shifts.
- Processes and their standardization.
2. Supply Chain, Logistics, Provisioning & Transport
- Strategies and functioning of the conventional and automatic warehouses.
- Saving Costs.
- Strategies in Stock Management & automatic ordering.
- Productivity indicators and transport.
- Processes and their standardization.
4. Process Improvements
- Process Analysis.
- Diagnosis and process improvements.
6. Managing People
- Leadership.
- Productivity.
- Training.
- Compensation Systems.
- Absenteeism.
- Public speaking.

Illán & Blanes Consultores S.L.

Business Consulting in Valencia


Jose Ramón Illán Vivas

Jose Ramón Illán Vivas

Graduated in Industrial Relations and in Labour Relations. He has many qualifications about human resources, leadership, total quality and processes. He is teacher of Master programs and courses for executives. He has been working for more than 30 years in managing labours with different companies from the Consumer sector.

He has been member of the Board of Directors of Mercadona, S.A., as General Director of Logistics and General Director of Field, Dairy and Derivatives Purchases. President of the Logistics Committee of AECOC and member of the Board of AECOC.

Nowadays, he is Managing Partner in Illan & Blanes Consultores, S.L, company dedicated to the business consultancy. Furthermore, he is member of the Logistics Expert´s Forum of Caleruega and member of the Board of Logistun Centro de Formación in its area of Business Consultancy.

Jose Luis Blanes Carbonell

Jose Luis Blanes Carbonell

He has multiple courses and seminars, among others: Course in Business Management, On-going Improvement, Needs Satisfaction, Leadership, Total Quality and Assembly Line. He has more than 40 years of working experience, dedicated from more than 30 years to Managing tasks.

He has been member of the Board of Directors of Mercadona, as General Director of Constructions and Maintenance, General Director of Logistics, General Director of Financial and Informatics Administration and General Director of Stores.

He has been President of the Logistics Committee in AECOC.

General Manager of Purchases in Maverick-Ubesol.

Nowadays he is Managing Partner in Illan & Blanes Consultores S.L, company dedicated to the business consultancy.

Specialists in simplifying the problems and solutions.


  • C/ Ramón y Cajal, 6
    46112 · Rocafort · VALENCIA
  • 653 823 856

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